Price includes 3 layers of cake and frosting filling. Selective fillings and nuts are not included

1 Serving is a

1"X 2"X 4"

Custom Cake Pricing

Frosted cakes start at  $ 5.00 Per serving

*Stared cake start at an addition of 

¢ .50  Per serving


Fondant cake start at $ 7.00 Per serving

Selective Fillings start at $ 0.25 additional Per serving

If nuts to be added Extra $ .25 per serving

 Custom Cupcakes Pricing


          Fondant cup cakes  starts at  $ 4.5 each

        Butter cream cup cakes starts at $ 4


 Selective Fillings start at an addition

$ 0.40 Per serving

          Nuts start at an addition of $ .20 per serving

Additional Charges may be added for: Sugar flowers, Extensive piping, any non-edible ribbon or decor purchased,  internal Structure materials used, metallic coloring, sculpting, edible images, extremely dark colored  fondant.
Natural Flowers : is to be provided by your florist on the venue at the setting time, wrapped and ready to be be inserted in the cake the way agreed


 Custom Cookies Pricing


          Sugar cookies include Vanilla, orange or lemon-with Royal icing base or fondant  starts at  $5 each

   Cake pops start at $ 3.50 


4" - 6 Servings

5" -  11 Servings
6" - 14 Servings
 7"-  20  Servings
8" -  24 Servings
9" -  34 Servings
10"- 38 Servings
11"- 45 Servings
12" - 55 Servings
13"-  60 Servings

14" - 74 Servings

16"-100 Servings

18"-127 Servings

20"-150 Servings








1/2 Sheet cake : 1 Layer : 50 Servings  

Full Sheet Cake  (1 Layer) : 100 Servings

Sheet cakes start at $2.50  per serving


For dietary constraints, we recommend that you order a typical custom cake for the majority of your guests, and then we can accommodate a smaller, gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan cake as well, but keep in mind that the smaller, dietary conscious cakes are subject to % 15 extra charge.


You are welcome to pick up your cake at meeting place that we agree on; however, we do offer delivery in Orlando for a fee that ranges from $45 to $75 depending on where you want it delivered to. Beyond a 25-mile radius from us are calculated at a rate of $1/minute round trip as per Google Maps + tolls.